Vintage Table with 9 drawers

Vintage Table with 9 drawers


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This table has 9 drawers and is a complete unit for keeping files, stationary, stamps and everything one may required for professional work. 


This table belongs to founder of one of the leading Engineering Company in India. Antiques Club was lucky to locate this table in the office in good condition. Legacy details will be shared on request.

Condition/ Features:

  • No damage to the table
  • Drawers on right side have different depth based on items to be kept
  • All the drawers can be pulled out for dusting. however, drawers have interlocking arrangement to avoid coming out by unintentional pulling during normal work
  • Left hand side drawers can be locked to keep confidentiality of the stored items/ documents.
  • Outer and inner condition is shown in pictures


113 x 48 x 68 (L x B x H, in cm.)


Early 1990's


Verified and available with Antiques Merchant


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